Kolob Terrace Community

Kolob Terrace Community

This community sits about 10 miles up on Kolob Road from the turn off at SR9 in Virgin. If you have ever been there the sight is sure to be imprinted in your memory as possibly one of the most stunning places on earth. I was blown away by the shear dimensions of the colors and the shapes of the mountains on my first visit. It was so surreal. I felt like I was on an alien planet.

Kolob Terrace Utah Property 1This is a very small community that is not really recognized as a community per se. There are a small handful of homes and private properties. Most of the land on this Terrace is in the hands of the Bureau of Land Management, Zion National Park, or a private ranching company out of Virgin.

Many folks find it hard to believe that there are private parcels that sometimes come up for sale in this area. The big question is: How is it possible to find private land inside the borders of Zion National Park?

Historically, of course, the land was just “the land”. Able to be used by all.  Then the Mormon settlers came and started to claim it as their own. They farmed and ranched it. Land claims parceled it out to private ownership and then the Zion area became a popular place for travelers to visit. The National Park began to start acquiring land from various landowners. They created a document called “The Land Protection Plan” which sets forth their goal… the desire to acquire land parcels in the area. Over the years they have acquired several hundreds, if not thousands, of acres.  Their desire is to see this Terrace remain as untouched as possible.

Kolob Terrace Property 2However, there still remains several private parcels on the Terrace.  Some people fear that it could be privately developed into housing subdivisions. In order to do this, water and power need to be brought in. This is an expensive proposition, if not, an impossible one. To do this the power would have to come up from SR9 in Virgin. Water could potentially come from the same point or from the Kolob Reservoir. Zion National Park borders the Terrace area from both sides.  A fully developed subdivision in this area is simply not likely to happen.

The Terrace is a perfect area for a bed and breakfast and or retreat center. The setting is magical and the scenery is very tranquil. There is little to no cell phone service. If you want a place to get away from it all and relax, then this is the place. There is presently only one active bed and breakfast, The Center for True North. The facility is very accommodating and comfortable.

Kolob Terrace Property 3There is plenty to do in this area. There are several trail-heads into the park from the Terrace. The world famous Subway trail, Hop Valley trail (my favorite), as well as Wildcat Canyon trail can all be accessed from the Terrace. The West Rim trail can also be accessed from the Wildcat Canyon trail or you may drive further up to Lava Point, closer to the Kolob Reservoir. Click here for the trails in Zion National Park.

This area is not well known to tourists and is possibly the prettiest parts of Zion National Park. In my opinion, it is the very heart of the diamond that is Zion.

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