Little Ponderosa Real Estate

Little Ponderosa Real Estate

ponderosaThe Eastern Border of Zion National Park is a quieter side of the Park. There are a few developments for a variety of buyers. If you travel about 4 or 5 miles up the North Fork Road you will run into the Zion Ponderosa Lodge and it’s facilities.

They have a really beautiful subdivision at the front of the Lodge area called Zion Ridge. The cabins are exquisite log home construction or wooden constructed homes. Essentially designed to be in keeping with the higher elevations and the colder temperatures in the winter months.

The C C and R’s are stricter in this subdivision and the homes are generally priced from the mid to upper 200’s and above. The homes can be rented out to vacationers on a nightly basis. The Lodge will happily manage your rental for you if you wish and have a ready housekeeping crew to clean up after guests. You and your guests get to use the facilities over at the Lodge and they are wonderful.

Click on the link below to see all the details on the Zion Ponderosa Lodge:
Zion Ponderosa Lodge Brochure

Behind the Zion Ponderosa Lodge sits an older subdivision called The Little Ponderosa. This subdivision was created by the original developer/owner in the 1960’s. He created the subdivision to help create a great place for families to come and camp for the summer to play, have fun and generally get away from it all.

There are about 300 lots in the subdivision that are approximately an acre in size. The Zion Ponderosa Lodge development helped to install power lines to most of the lots in the early part of the last decade. A lot owner can build a small cabin, park their RV for the summer, or camp on their lot. They have access to power. Each lot owner would have to install a septic system.

Water is accessed by a “uhaul” system. There is a community well that sits behind the Lodge with a small tank on a trailor. A lot owner can fill up the tank, pull it to their lot and pump the water in a holding tank for their home or trailor.

Many of these lots have large Ponderosa’s and it generally is a very quiet place to get away to. The great thing about buying in this subdivision is that each lot owner gets to have access to the amenities at the Lodge as well. Where else can you go camping, spend all day canyoneering and then relax in a beautiful hot tub after a great meal at the Blue Belly Grill?

I have sold many lots in this subdivision since the beginning of my Real Estate career. Feel free to call me with any questions.

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