Kolob Real Estate

Kolob Real Estate

Kolob1Kolob Reservoir area is accessed primarily from SR9 in Virgin at the Kolob Road turnoff. You can also access it from Hwy 14 just after you start up the mountain towards Duck Creek. This way is much further and it primarily has dirt road access. Be careful as there are many bisecting roads coming from this angle, so it is easy to get lost. (At least for me!)

As you drive up Kolob Road, you wind in and out of Zion National Park. You pass a handful of homesteads on the Terrace area before you hit the sharp hair pin turn that leads up to the Reservoir and all the small subdivision communities at the top. This area is, in my opinion, one of the most beautiful areas of the whole Park. The Terrace area has stunning views! Sunsets up here can be just phenomenal!

There are several trailheads into the Park from this road. The famed Subway trail can be accessed off of Kolob Road. My favorite is the Hop Valley trail. Our family has ridden into Hop Valley by horseback on more than a few occasions. I felt like I was entering heaven!

The terrain from one section to the next is vastly different. At the bottom you are in the desert with scrub oak, sage and cottonwoods. At the Terrace level, you add beautifully shaped Pinion Pines and Red Rock formations of majestic beauty.

Once you wind your way to the top, you are now in Aspen, Spruce and large Ponderosa Pine country. It is cooler, greener and very quiet up at the top. Vultures were recently added up there, so you will most likely see them flying around or standing on the road gawking at you as you drive by.


Many folks have a cabin up here as their getaway in the summer. This is a great place to escape the heat and just relax.

For more detailedinformation I will suggest you click on the link below. This link will take you to the Washington County website general plan for the Kolob region. A lot of great information to be found here.

General Plan for Kolob Region – Washington County

If you want more information on buying a property up in this area please fell free to contact Marcia Pierce-Rasmussen via cell or email. This area can be tricky to purchase in. Several illegal subdivisions have been done up here that can affect the build ability of the land. Water rights and wells are different for each subdivision. It is a great idea to know what you are getting into before you buy. I have done a lot of research up here and can help guide you to ask the right questions.

This is also a great link with information on the Kolob area:  Information on Kolob Area

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